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We are happy to announce that our clients can now view detailed market statistics on the CFDs on each of the shares we offer in both our trading platforms. Here is how you can take advantage of this new feature.

You can access the new informational panel by opening any instrument description within our extensive CFD shares list. For example, if you were to open that of Apple, you would be greeted with an entirely new section in addition to the familiar instrument description and Buy/Sell terminal.

The Financials panel

Pictured: The Financials panel | Property of Trading View

Regardless of which stock you choose to inspect more closely, the Financials window will always show you the following statistics*, which will be updated once per earnings release:


– Valuation: includes things like market cap, number of employees, and other data

– Balance Sheet: here you will find out the company’s net debt, the total value of its assets, and more

– Operating Metrics: features useful metrics, such as return on invested capital and revenue per employee

– Price History: contains everything you need to assess the stock’s price performance at a glance

– Dividends: includes stats, such as dividends paid and dividends per share

– Margins: this column is home to several margin classes, such as net margins and operating margins

– Income Statement: basic EPS, net income, total revenue… if there’s a quick way to gauge a company’s financial health, this is it

*All information displayed in the Financials panel is provided by TradingView


But that’s just the start. You can dig even deeper and access things like advanced price charts, analyst ratings, technical analysis stats, related financial news and more by either clicking on the stock’s ticker symbol or following the link under the panel, as illustrated below.

How to access the panel’s advanced stats

Pictured: How to access the panel’s advanced stats | Property of Trading View

We hope that this new feature will come in handy when coming up with new market strategies and that it will become a trusty tool in your trading arsenal. Until next time and happy trading! 


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