Weekly analysis EUR/USD SWOT

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At  Deltastock we believe that a balanced and structured analysis of some of the most traded instruments would be beneficial for our clients. To a large extent, the arguments in the analysis of a currency instrument remain valid when trading other crosses, due to the interdependence of the markets.

For example, the analysis for EUR/USD can be directly applied when analysing the USD/CHF cross, due to the very high negative correlation. That is, if the euro-dollar rises, the dollar-franc most likely falls, and vice versa. But  for both currency pairs, the arguments for the USD would be valid.

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The Digital Euro: Everything You Need to Know

Visual transformation of the digitisation of a 100 euro banknote

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In an age of fast-spreading viruses and instant contactless payments, it makes perfect sense that the nations of the world are toying with the idea of bringing their currencies in the digital realm. Following the steps of People’s Bank of China and Sweden’s Riksbank, at the beginning of October, the European Central Bank was the latest financial institution to propose the digital equivalent of its official currency – the euro.

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