Rate Hikes or Rate Cuts? What will the Fed and ECB do?

Central Bank poster FED ECB

The past six weeks have turned the investing world on its head, leaving market participants in a state of suspense regarding the future of U.S. monetary policy and the ripple effects it may have on financial markets. As the Federal Reserve prepares to keep its policy interest rates on hold, all eyes are on Chairman Jerome Powell to offer some clarity.

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Unveiling the Future: Apple’s Pioneering Leap into AI and Virtual Reality at WWDC

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has been making headlines lately due to the rumours surrounding its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 5, 2023. The rumours suggest that the tech giant is poised to unveil a highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) headset, potentially marking the company’s most significant product launch since the iPad in 2010. As the date approaches, there has been a noticeable buzz in the financial markets regarding Apple stock’s potential reaction to this announcement​​.

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Understanding Bank Stocks Amid Economic Downturns: An In-Depth Analysis

In mid-March 2023, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank triggered a significant downturn in the financial markets, with most banking stocks and bank-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experiencing sharp declines in stock prices. This situation led to fears of a 2008 banking crisis-like scenario. Despite the risks, some investors are interested in bank stocks during downturns. This article provides a detailed examination of how to research and evaluate bank stocks during such challenging times, with a particular focus on key financial ratios.

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Gods of war

Source: Dreamstime

The shares of producers of weapons, missiles, rockets, fighter jets, ships, tanks, drones and all sorts of military equipment are considered a good investment in times of economic uncertainty. Even though they do not provide staggering profits, usually they are a constant source of income, since government expenses (mainly the U.S.) remain relatively constant. 

When, however, there are geopolitical tensions and wars, the shares of defence companies become very attractive. Then, government defence expenses soar and the orders for all sorts of weapons are literally pouring in. And this is quite logical. 

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What Is Scalping? 4 Strategies to Get You Started

What is scalping?

Author: DeltaStock

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Regardless of how long you’ve traded on the markets, it’s very likely that at some point you’ve heard about the so-called “scalpers” – a breed of traders who earn their bread by going through a series of small winning trades on a frequent basis. If you’re looking to find out if this popular trading method is the right fit for your needs, then simply keep on reading.

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What Is a Bear Market (and How to Trade It)?

Bear silhouette on red smoke background

Source: Dreamstime | Author: Ilkin Guliyev

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A bear market, or the period when stocks lose their value for a prolonged period of time, can no doubt sound scary to first-time investors. And while every market goes through this cycle at some point in its lifespan, the good news is that the bulls far outlive the bears when it comes to longevity.

So, what are bull and bear markets, what causes a bear market, and what can you do to protect your portfolio when all of your assets seem to be headed towards record lows?

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