Where to invest in 2020?

What to invest in the year 2020.

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The past 2019 was everything but calm. The markets were shaken by trade wars (mainly between the US and China, but there was also an air of hostility between the US and the EU) and US President Donald Trump’s tweets. Last year also saw growing tensions between the US and Iran, an ongoing drama surrounding Brexit, and concerns about an impending global crisis.

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What are conditional trading orders (and why use them)?

What are conditional orders?

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It’s no secret that market orders—those that allow the instant purchase or selling of any asset at its current market price, are widely popular among both novice and experienced traders.

But what if we don’t want to pay the current price of our chosen financial instrument? The solution to this problem is using the so-called conditional orders—flexible instruments that make semi-automated trading possible.

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How to Invest in the Long Term (and Why)


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The older you get, the more you think about your financial future. Of course, many people start planning their financial future while they’re still young, but the majority prefer to spend their hard earned money on gadgets, exotic trips, concert tickets, lattes, craft beer, clothes and whatever else they fancy.

However, there comes a point in time when people realise they won’t be young forever and start wondering how they would be able to afford all those nice things when they retire. And in the interim, there are also children and college funds to worry about as well.

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How to Invest in Precious Metals Online

Pictured: investor thinking of precious metal investments.

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The glare of precious metals has irresistibly drawn humanity ever since we learned how to walk. In the past, gold and silver have been widely used as currencies, to craft anything from intricate jewellery to statues and palaces, and to signify immense wealth and power.

Today, these shiny assets serve an extra function—to protect investments in times of economic turmoil.

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How to Invest in Shares Online

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It’s no secret that the year-on-year inflation in many countries is rising at a worrisome pace. This is perhaps why recently more and more investors abandon traditional investments, like bank deposits and real estate, in favour of company shares.

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