The War Puzzle Effect: Why Wartime Investments Can Pay Out in the Long Run (+ Our 5 Safe Haven Picks)

Top wartime investments in 2022

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Just as the world was about to exit a two-year-long pandemic that shook the global economy to its core and forced millions of people to explore remote work options, it was dragged headfirst into a wave of violence and a humanitarian tragedy not witnessed since the Second World War.

Thus, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine in the early morning of February 24th, 2022, he caught many investors completely off-guard.

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The Top U.S. Performers of 2021, According to DeltaStock’s Chief Financial Analyst Ivaylo Chaushev

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“The US500 index did incredibly well in 2021, mainly thanks to companies like Apple, which has reached a market cap of close to $3 trillion and whose share price has skyrocketed by 40%, Microsoft, whose share price rose by 53% on an annual basis, Amazon (7% increase), Alphabet (68% increase) and, of course, Tesla (64% increase). That being said, I won’t be discussing these companies here, but rather the ones that really took the index to the next level in 2021.”

 Ivaylo Chaushev, chief financial analyst of DeltaStock

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Warren Buffet Vs. the Markets: 3 Tips from America’s Top Dog Investor to Tide You Over the Pandemic

Portrait of Warren Buffett

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In the world of market opportunities, Warren Buffett is somewhat of a living legend. But that title is not just for show. As a more recent example, the net worth of Berkshire Hathaway’s famous owner skyrocketed past the $100 billion mark back in March 2021 at a time when most businesses and investors all over the globe were struggling to make ends meet.

So, how did he do what others could not?

In this article, we’ll look at 3 tips that the “Oracle of Omaha” recently shared which we think will help you on your journey towards achieving financial independence.

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Ivaylo Chaushev: Robinhood Only Stands to Benefit from Higher Market Volatility

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“Robinhood will only benefit from higher market volatility as its trading volumes are expected to rise due to its main source of income being the selling of client orders to market makers. A less volatile market, on the other hand, might present a problem because it risks boring speculators.”

 Ivaylo Chaushev, chief financial analyst of DeltaStock

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Cards, Тoys and Wine – Strange Things People Invest In

luxurious wine cellar

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When we talk about investments, we usually mean financial instruments, shares, currencies, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, bonds, real estate, land, pension and investment funds, etc. But there are other assets which could, later on, turn out to be a good investment as well. They fall within the category of so-called “alternative investments” and include all sorts of assets and objects. 

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When to Hire a Financial Advisor (and Why)

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In the vast world of finance, it’s easy to find yourself lost without an experienced guide to light your path. Whether you seek sound pension advice, need help with picking a suitable health insurance plan, or are looking to capitalise on an untapped market niche, you will only benefit from hiring a certified financial consultant.

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