Twitter Reports a Surge in New Users on the Backdrop of Weaker Ad Revenue

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Yesterday, the social media giant released its second-quarter earnings report that revealed a “moderate recovery” of its ad business compared with March. The ad revenue was, however, still 23% short of the figure reported in the previous year. On the other hand, the company did manage to attract a substantial amount of new users during the pandemic, which resulted in a near-immediate stock price rally of 4.1% in the hours following the report.

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Gold and Silver Reach Record Highs, Analysts Expect This Trend to Stick Around in the Second Half of 2020

Gold and silver reach record highs

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On Thursday, 23.07, stock exchanges worldwide reported record increase in the price of gold and silver. The yellow metal reached the sum of $1880 per troy ounce—its highest price since 2011. Another top performer in the precious metals market was silver, which reached $23 per troy ounce in the same day—a 6-year high.

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Leading U.S. Banks Set Aside Billions for Rainy Days and Project the Worst Is Yet to Come

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Last Tuesday, 13.07, three of the biggest banks in the United States—JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo & Co and Citigroup Inc—set aside a grand total of $28 billion to prepare for potential defaults on loans expected to rain from both individual and corporate clients. According to Bloomberg, the last time such an amount of money was set aside to deal with bad loans was during the Great Recession of 2008.

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JPMorgan Posts Record Trading Revenue, Q2 Earnings Per Share Exceed Expectations

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On Tuesday (14.07), the bank reported a quarterly performance that took Wall Street analysts by surprise. According to the report, during its second fiscal quarter of 2020 JPMorgan managed to generate $33 billion in revenue (versus $30.3 billion expected) and $1.38 per share (versus $1.04 expected) in large part thanks to its record trading revenue figures.

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Is a V-shaped Economic Recovery Still a Possibility?

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The world has entered the second half of 2020 just as troubled (if not more so) as it did in the first half. And as financial forecasts grow grimmer by the day, one thing is starting to become painfully clear to all—we might not see a full recovery in 2020, and even one happening in 2021 would depend on a lot going right.

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Levi’s Posts Extremely Weak Q2 Sales, Will Cut 15% of Its Global Workforce

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The latest earnings report by the popular denim maker Levi Strauss & Co revealed that the company’s sales for the fiscal period tumbled by a whopping 62% as even online sales couldn’t compensate for the fact that the chain’s physical stores were closed for 10 weeks straight due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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