The Big Earnings Showdown – Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet and more

The anticipated peak of the earnings season is upon us as we venture into the final week of July. This period will witness companies spanning various sectors, publishing their financial reports. While much of the limelight is likely to be on tech behemoths, we must not overlook the importance of the forthcoming reports from businesses across consumer staples, industrials, and energy.

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Tesla’s Earnings Forecast in the Shadow of the Cybertruck’s Debut

A full four years after the audacious unveiling by the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, the production of the first Cybertruck has finally commenced, two years behind its initial schedule.

Undeterred by the delay, Tesla showcased the first glimmers of the Cybertruck’s production on Twitter, providing a sneak peek of its employees, clad in safety vests and helmets, working on the unique, futuristic vehicle. The initial projection was for the Cybetruck production to kick off in 2021, a couple of years after the unveiling of the prototype in November 2019.

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Is there investment potential in skyrocketing bankruptcies?

Corporate bankruptcies and defaults are witnessing an unprecedented surge in the United States. Corporate defaults have jumped to 41, which is over twice as many as the same period in 2022. Moody’s Investor Services corroborates this data, painting a grim picture of a corporate landscape where companies are struggling to cope with uncertain economic conditions and burgeoning debt loads.

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