AMD Shares Skyrocket After Strong Q3 Guidance Announcement

Close-up of AMD Ryzen CPU

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The results are in and things are looking good for AMD. According to their earnings report for the second quarter of 2020, the company enjoyed a year-over-year revenue boost of 26%. Income from computing and graphics components for PCs and laptops also came at a whopping $1.37 billion, beating Wall Street expectations by 45%.

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Bulgaria and the Еuro Аrea: Everything You Need to Know About the Country’s Entry into the ERM II

Pictured: auto bill counter

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Reading time: eight minutes

On July 10, Bulgaria and Croatia were officially welcomed into the ERM II—the European Union’s Exchange Rate Mechanism. If you are wondering what makes this event so important, how the ERM II works in practice, and what are the benefits of adopting the euro as a national currency, keep on reading.

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Twitter Reports a Surge in New Users on the Backdrop of Weaker Ad Revenue

Picture of phone with Twitter app open

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Yesterday, the social media giant released its second-quarter earnings report that revealed a “moderate recovery” of its ad business compared with March. The ad revenue was, however, still 23% short of the figure reported in the previous year. On the other hand, the company did manage to attract a substantial amount of new users during the pandemic, which resulted in a near-immediate stock price rally of 4.1% in the hours following the report.

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Gold and Silver Reach Record Highs, Analysts Expect This Trend to Stick Around in the Second Half of 2020

Gold and silver reach record highs

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On Thursday, 23.07, stock exchanges worldwide reported record increase in the price of gold and silver. The yellow metal reached the sum of $1880 per troy ounce—its highest price since 2011. Another top performer in the precious metals market was silver, which reached $23 per troy ounce in the same day—a 6-year high.

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Leading U.S. Banks Set Aside Billions for Rainy Days and Project the Worst Is Yet to Come

Picture of a metal briefcase filled with USD

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Last Tuesday, 13.07, three of the biggest banks in the United States—JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo & Co and Citigroup Inc—set aside a grand total of $28 billion to prepare for potential defaults on loans expected to rain from both individual and corporate clients. According to Bloomberg, the last time such an amount of money was set aside to deal with bad loans was during the Great Recession of 2008.

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