Exxon Mobil Delivered Strong Fourth-quarter Profits on the Wings of Surging Oil and Gas Prices

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A big reason why Exxon managed to secure a solid financial foothold this quarter is the significant spike in crude oil, which has reached levels not seen in over seven years.

The multinational oil and gas corporation reported year-over-year revenue growth of over 80%, which has allowed it to kickstart its share buyback program as early as in the first quarter of 2022.

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The Top U.S. Performers of 2021, According to DeltaStock’s Chief Financial Analyst Ivaylo Chaushev

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“The US500 index did incredibly well in 2021, mainly thanks to companies like Apple, which has reached a market cap of close to $3 trillion and whose share price has skyrocketed by 40%, Microsoft, whose share price rose by 53% on an annual basis, Amazon (7% increase), Alphabet (68% increase) and, of course, Tesla (64% increase). That being said, I won’t be discussing these companies here, but rather the ones that really took the index to the next level in 2021.”

 Ivaylo Chaushev, chief financial analyst of DeltaStock

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