Changes to trading conditions of CFDs based on oil

Снимка на нефтена платформа

We would like to inform all our clients that, due to the high volatility of oil prices and of the financial instruments with oil as an underlying asset, as well as due to changes in the market conditions where those instruments are being traded, Deltastock AD will take actions according to art. 5.26 and 11.6 of the General terms of business applicable to the agreements for trading in CFDs of Deltastock AD.

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A sharp and deep recession lies ahead – Martin Tarpanov, Deltastock

Since the beginning of this year the world is living under the threat of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, more popular with the name of the illness it causes – COVID-19. It is dangerous both to the people and the economy and, though in the beginning the concerns about the economy were only moderate, in the past few weeks pessimism, at moments reaching apocalyptic forecasts, took hold of analysts, investors, business people (big and small) and common people alike. The questions which is more important – economy or health – spark fierce debates. 

This is why we asked Martin Tarpanov – a professional dealer with over 15 years of experience, head of the Fixed Income Securities Trading department in Deltastock and member of the company board – for his views on the global economy, the measures and the consequences of the pandemic. 

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