Chinese Economy Faces New Concerns Amidst Banking Industry Stress

In recent developments, the robustness of China’s shadow banking industry has come under scrutiny as one of its largest private wealth managers and real estate developers, Zhongzhi Enterprise Group Co., has defaulted on payments for several high-yield products. With assets totaling 1 trillion yuan ($138 billion), the impact of this misstep is sending ripples throughout the financial sector.

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Kuka AG Reports a Stellar Full Year 2021 on the Wings of Skyrocketing Demand for Its Automated Systems

Picture of buildings in a sprawling megapolis

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The global automation company, mostly known for making robots and automated guided vehicles, posted a record-setting fiscal year as the effects of the pandemic start to gradually recede and businesses across the world once more have sufficient budgets to either semi-automate or fully automate their line of work.

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How the coronavirus in the “factory of the world” struck down the global business – part 2


In the first part of the article we examined the effect of the coronavirus COVID-19 in China has on some of the neighbouring countries. In this we will turn our attention to the industries reaching far beyond China.

Since China produces all kinds of goods and components for other goods, the quarantine in Wuhan, which is a significant industrial and transportation hub, as well as the overall transport limitations, inevitably affect the production of almost everything – from smartphones, through automobiles, to medications.

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How the coronavirus in the “factory of the world” struck down the global business – part 1


The 2003 epidemic of the SARS coronavirus made 8098 people ill and killed 774 people in 17 countries, which makes up a 9.6% mortality rate and renders it considerably more deadly than this year’s coronavirus COVID-19 with its 2.8% (for now).

Just like SARS, COVID-19 first appeared in China and then spread globally. Just like SARS, the new coronavirus from Wuhan affects the global economy, but the similarities stop here.

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