The Four Horsemen of Recession

Deutsche Bank has delved into centuries of economic data, unearthing potential indicators of imminent recessions and deciphering patterns that span across 323 years of global economic trends. This exploration of economic cycles includes a list  of recessions, expansions, and market downturns dating back to the 1700s, meticulously dissecting the triggers and warning signs behind historical recessions.

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Threading the needle: The Impact and Risks of Monetary Policy Tightening 

Over the past few decades, the United States has experienced several periods of monetary policy tightening, characterised by increases in the Federal Funds Rate (FFR). These rate hikes have significant implications on the financial environment, particularly on firms’ ability to access credit. This article examines the correlation between monetary policy tightening and lending standards, discussing the potential risks and benefits associated with further rate hikes on the U.S. economy.

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A sharp and deep recession lies ahead – Martin Tarpanov, Deltastock

Since the beginning of this year the world is living under the threat of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, more popular with the name of the illness it causes – COVID-19. It is dangerous both to the people and the economy and, though in the beginning the concerns about the economy were only moderate, in the past few weeks pessimism, at moments reaching apocalyptic forecasts, took hold of analysts, investors, business people (big and small) and common people alike. The questions which is more important – economy or health – spark fierce debates. 

This is why we asked Martin Tarpanov – a professional dealer with over 15 years of experience, head of the Fixed Income Securities Trading department in Deltastock and member of the company board – for his views on the global economy, the measures and the consequences of the pandemic. 

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