Weekly analysis of USTECH100

Welcome to this week’s publication where we’ll be analysing the USTECH100 index. Last week was  particularly volatile for the stock market, with the index dropping more than 700 points since the start of the month on fears that the Federal Reserve would be more aggressive in its tightening of monetary policy. These fears were prompted by the release of the minutes from the Fed’s January meeting, which revealed that some policymakers were considering raising interest rates by 50 bps due to concerns about rising inflation. As a result, investors are now closely watching the Fed’s next moves and any indications of when and how it might adjust its policies.

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We consider our customers as part of our team. Therefore, we will provide you with various methods and approaches that are used by professional traders. Our aspiration is to equip you with various tools and information and to create a traders’ ecosystem that would be useful and help you navigate the markets.

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