Lululemon’s Q3 2020 Earnings Crushed Forecasts, Boasts 1.12 Billion USD in Net Revenue

Picture of Lululemon city store

Source: Dreamstime | Photographer: Michael Spring

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On Thursday (10.12), Lululemon Athletica reported profits that overshadowed Wall Street expectations by a wide margin thanks to record Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales.

After initial gains following the news, the company’s shares fell by around 1% in the after-hours trading session. So far this year, Lululemon’s shares have grown by 59%.

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The Digital Euro: Everything You Need to Know

Visual transformation of the digitisation of a 100 euro banknote

Source: Pixabay | Photographer: geralt

Reading time: 6 minutes

In an age of fast-spreading viruses and instant contactless payments, it makes perfect sense that the nations of the world are toying with the idea of bringing their currencies in the digital realm. Following the steps of People’s Bank of China and Sweden’s Riksbank, at the beginning of October, the European Central Bank was the latest financial institution to propose the digital equivalent of its official currency – the euro.

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