The Copper Crunch: Meeting Soaring Demand in a Greener World

The global copper demand, driven by the green energy revolution and infrastructure projects, is facing a potentially debilitating supply crunch. With copper playing an essential role in renewable energy infrastructure, electric vehicles (EVs), and traditional industries like construction, electronics, and power generation, the pressure to meet the growing demand is mounting.

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The War Puzzle Effect: Why Wartime Investments Can Pay Out in the Long Run (+ Our 5 Safe Haven Picks)

Top wartime investments in 2022

Source: Dreamstime | Author: DeltaStock

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Just as the world was about to exit a two-year-long pandemic that shook the global economy to its core and forced millions of people to explore remote work options, it was dragged headfirst into a wave of violence and a humanitarian tragedy not witnessed since the Second World War.

Thus, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine in the early morning of February 24th, 2022, he caught many investors completely off-guard.

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